Optical Coherence TomographyOCT

Optical Coherence Tomography(OCT):

Research to facilitate the early diagnosis of diabetic eye disease

This is a new imaging technique developed at MIT and patented in 1991, OCT has offered a fundamental addition to clinical tools by allowing a layer by layer visualization of delicate ocular tissue in both the front and back of the eye.  In addition to offering our patients on a daily basis the most sophisticated OCT tools, our clinic is also involved in several projects related to this novel technology. Novel techniques to extract clinically useful data are being developed.  In addition The EYE Center is part of a collaboratory involving the University of Illinois, Texas Instrument, Welch Allyn, Carle Clinic and others, in a 5 year NIH funded project that is implementing hand held devices and developing methods that will facilitate the early diagnosis of diabetic eye disease in addition to other conditions.  Dr. Sayegh is leading the clinical ophthalmic applications of the project and is working in close collaboration with Prof. Steve Boppart of the University of Illinois. http://biophotonics.illinois.edu/

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