About Dr. S. Sayegh

Dr. Sayegh is particularly interested in providing a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where patients have easy and immediate access to an environment with the highest quality of eye care.

Dr. Samir Sayegh

Dr. Sayegh, a Board Certified Ophthalmologist, received his medical and surgical training at the University of Michigan Medical School and surgical specialty training at Barnes Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis. These institutions have consistently been ranked amongst the top medical institutions in the country. Dr. Sayegh graduated cum laude and received the prestigious National EYE Institute ARVO award in a competition involving over 600 applicants. He was also a fellow at the National Science Foundation Center for Ultrafast Optical Sciences where he lead a team developing applications of ultrafast lasers to eye surgery and leading to one of today’s most sophisticated laser eye surgery systems. Dr. Sayegh also completed both medical and surgical retina fellowships, also in St Louis.

Dr. Sayegh practices comprehensive ophthalmology, cataract, refractive and retinal surgery and prides himself in taking care of all the needs of his patients from eye glasses to eye surgery. He specializes in no-stitch, no-shot, no-patch cataract microsurgery, laser vision correction and retinal disease and surgery. He is on the active staff of a number of hospitals throughout Illinois, Indiana and Missouri.

In addition to his clinical and surgical work, Dr. Sayegh has been actively involved in teaching and research as a tenured professor and scientist. He played a leading role and continues to investigate developments of the femtosecond laser applications to eye surgery. His team was represented at the Council on Competitiveness where the 20 most innovative projects in the nation were presented at MIT at a conference presided over by the vice-president of the United States. More recently The Nobel Prize in Physics (2018) was awarded to friend and collaborator Gérard Mourou for related work.

Dr. Sayegh has also done some of the leading work on the choice of intraocular lenses for cataract surgery following refractive surgery. He and his team continue to develop UniversIOL, arguably the most sophisticated environment for judicious selection of Intra-Ocular lenses at the time of cataract surgery.

His current research also involves new methods of treatment of macular degeneration. He frequently presents his work at national and international meetings and has published consistently key papers on the national and international scene. He has several active projects related to eye care and eye surgery in collaboration with other professors and surgeons. Dr. Sayegh takes pride in his multiple achievements, but most importantly in the daily care he brings to his patients.

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